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defining and writing about "relationships" between personified elements


Student Writer Instructions:

Personification is a great tool that can be used to describe many concrete ideas. A great example of personification is “The lightning stretched its fiery arms across the sky”. But, did you know that personification can also be a great tool to describe abstract ideas like love or compassion? Using personification for an abstract concept is a great way to show what you know about that concept and also how you feel about it. For example, love could be described as a quiet, compassionate girl who drops rose petals on your doorstep, or love could be described as a dark monster who has just stabbed you in the heart. See how fun personification writing can be?

You will be looking at a few examples of personification “prose poetry”. This kind of poetry does not have to rhyme, be written in stanzas, or even follow a certain pattern. The only requirement is that you use personification in each line to demonstrate what your abstract concept is like and how you feel about it. Use the interactive button below to find some fun abstract nouns to choose from for your poem!


Interactive Choices for Writing:

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Abstractions to Personify:


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