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How Do I Love Sonnets...

exploring sentence fluency and word choice by creating sonnets

Student Writer Instructions:

Today you are going to be exploring the word choice and sentence fluency of some of the most famous sonnet writers, William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. You will see the difference between an Italian sonnet ( Petrarchan ) and an English sonnet (Shakespearean). Before we start with the sonnet masters, we will begin with the lighter fare.

By now you have read the children’s sonnets with your teacher, and you have discovered what makes a poem a sonnet. You have also learned how important smooth phrases (sentence fluency) and word choices are to a poem that is constrained to 14 lines and a rhyme scheme.

Poetry is always enjoyable when it connects with our inner child. For this lesson, I need to you to reach back into your memory and remember what was important and monumental when you were five years old.

You will create your own sonnet about being a child of five. Think about using language and thoughts that reflects the age of five. Have fun with this poem. Be silly, creative, inventive, and crazy! Keep the poem in the sonnet form you have already discovered.

After you finish, you will share your poem in class. Have your audience point out parts where you were strong in sentence fluency and word choice.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas to start your silly sonnet, click on the button below for an idea that might inspire your inner child.


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Situations that five-year-olds might write about:


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