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HATE to LOVE Sonnets

an easy and fun way to understand and write Shakespearean Sonnets

Student Writer Instructions:

Today you will be learning the form and meter of a traditional Shakespearean sonnet while also writing your own love/hate sonnet. Shakespeare was a master at finding the perfect words and syllables to fit the very structured form of a 14 line sonnet. As an example sonnet, you will be looking at a love sonnet entitled Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day.

After analyzing the poem, learning the meter, and understanding form (including practicing with writing in iambic pentameter)-you will begin to develop your own sonnet. The idea for this particular sonnet is comparing one object/person you love or hate to another blissful or tormenting event. If you are having trouble thinking of these two items, please use the interactive buttons below to prompt some ideas. A difficult part of writing sonnets is the rhyming of words. To help you with this task, please feel free to use the website www.rhymezone.com or access a rhyming dictionary from the library.

Finally, you will need to incorporate correct internal and external punctuation within your sonnet to help add depth and variety to an already formed sonnet.

Please be creative and have fun with your comparisons. Remember, you only have 14 lines and 10 syllables to work with, so be very precise in the words you chose. Shakespeare found interesting and inventive words to use; therefore, so can you!



Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.

 Shall I compare...

    to...   ?



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