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The NNWP celebrates its Consultants who've created websites about teaching and writing:

Always Write
(Grades K-12)

Start to Learn


Making Mathematicians

(Grades K-12)

Learning is Messy

(Grades 4-6)

Write in the Middle

(Grades 6-8)

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Writing About Reading: Our Reading in the Content Areas Print Guide & Workshops
sharing resources from our Northern Nevada in-services and print resources

"Dear Northern Nevada Writing Project, Our principal ordered all our teachers copies of your [Reading in the Content Areas Guide] as part of our school's literacy improvement plan. I'll admit that I was reluctant to use it at first, and I am sad to report that I just stuck it on my shelf. I'm stubborn like that! I've opened it now and have been using it for the past two months, and I can't believe how much it's challenged me to think about how I assign reading to my students. I truly appreciate this resource that you've presented in such a teacher-friendly manner. Keep up the great work, Nevada!" (Tony Carville, Oregon teacher)

This webpage's essential questions: How can we increase all teachers' use of sound literacy strategies, no matter what content they are teaching? How can we encourage all content area teachers to have their students respond to what they've read through meaningful writing assignments, furthering our students' comprehension?

In 2006, we launched a new initiative for the WritingFix website. Inspired by the popularity of the NNWP's newest print resource--the Reading in the Content Areas Guide (aka the RICA Guide)--we began developing resources that linked reading instruction with writing instruction. We decided to call this new initiative Writing About Reading.

On this page at the WritingFix website, we not only offer a variety of free resources from the NNWP's RICA Guide, but we offer links to the literacy projects we have been developing for our teacher workshops on literacy. In Nevada, especially in our middle and high schools, literacy has become a very popular topic for professional development.

This page was built to be an on-line place for us to share what we're developing and doing here in Nevada with literacy, but we also want to hear from you. What's going on in your state or regioin? If you have resources or ideas to share with us, contact us at webmaster@writingfix.com. If you send us something we can post here for others to use, we'll send you a free copy of our RICA Guide!

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The NNWP's RICA Guide:

Our 2006 R.I.C.A. Guide will no longer be printed after January or 2010, in order to make room for our new guides that have been created. If you'd like a copy before they go out of print, visit the NNWP's Publications Page. All proceeds from purchases of this guide fund future growth of the WritingFix website.

We are re-designing this page (and its links) over the summer of 2009 to be more user-friendly. Please check back with us soon!

WritingFix's Writing About Reading Projects

Topics Explored in the NNWP's RICA Guide:

Constructed Response Writing about Vocabulary
Summary Writing Reading Engagement Strategies
Kim Cuevas' C.A.L.I. Group Non-Fiction Text Patterns
Reading, Writing, and Word Study Collaborative Reading

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