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Short Story Writing Lessons from WritingFix..."The Long Rain" by Ray Bradbury

A Short Story-inspired Writing Lesson
A R.A.F.T. Writing Prompt from WritingFix

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a R.A.F.T. Lesson:
Travel to Venus!

inspired by:
Ray Bradbury's
"The Long Rain"

This R.A.F.T. prompt was created by Corbett Harrison of the Northern Nevada Writing Project during a workshop for teachers.

This RAFT writing prompt was inspired by Ray Bradbury's short story, "The Long Rain," which can be found in many short story collections, including the one pictured at right. Before writing to this page's prompt, students should read and discuss the craft of this fine short story author! A summary of the short story can be found below.


Role Audience Format Topic Strong verb
Advertisement manager for a travel agency Potential travelers to Venus A three-part brochure Imagery that appeals to the reader Convince

Student Samples:

When I wrote up this lesson in the summer of 2009, I realized I had not saved any of the student samples from the many years that I taught this lesson. I am figuring out when I will teach it again, so I can post samples from my own students, but if you teach the lesson and end up with a great student sample that can be photographed and sent over e-mail to me, I will happily send you one of the NNWP's Print Publications for sharing. My e-mail address is


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