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this poetry assignment encourages deeper student thinking

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You Can't Ask for That! Poety Lesson

Additional Samples for this Writing Activity

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You Can't Ask for That! Poetry

This comparison/contrast lesson was created by NNWP Teacher Consultant Dena Harrison. Check out all of Dena's online writing lessons by clicking here.

The intended "mentor texts" to be used when teaching this writing across the curriculum lesson are the song Love Song by Sarah Bareilles and the poem Valentine for Ernest Mann by Naomi Shihab Nye. Before writing, students should listen to and discuss the writing of both authors.

Purchase Love Song at

Search for Valentine For Ernest Mann at Google.

Additional Samples for this Writing Activity:

We are seeking additional samples of this writing assignment. If you have a finished You Can't Ask for That Poem to share with us, send it to us at

If we publish it here, we will send you a free publication from the NNWP's Publication Page.



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