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Something we truly believe at WritingFix: one doesn't become a great writing teacher by reading a textbook on the subject, or by using a purchased program that gives teachers a script and a series of cool worksheets. One becomes a great writing teacher by borrowing ideas from colleagues, adapting those ideas, sharing the adaptations, and never even glancing at someone else's teaching script. At WritingFix, our teachers share, adapt, and give credit for where they originally found ideas. Our website freely gives its ideas to all teachers interested in using them...with a few limitations

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WritingFix's State of the Union Roll Call
Permission Gladly Granted!
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Our school district would like to use your posters for our writing teachers in grades 3-6.  We will leave all the citations on the page and credit your organization as the original source.  We love the way you have organized all the information for the different traits of writing. We love it so much that we do not want to change anything you have created.  But, we do want to be professional and get your permission in writing for our teachers to use your posters.

Lincoln Public Schools is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We will have approximately 425 teachers in grades 3-6 that would display and teach from your posters.

Thank you so much for creating these teachable posters.  We are anxious to hear from you so that we can begin planning the lessons around your posters.

P. Bruner, Literacy Leader


I came across your website this morning and was truly amazed at the wealth of resources I found. I've just emerged from my fog two hours after first clicking on your site.

In accordance with the Permissions Information I found on your website, I am contacting you with the location and anticipated number of attendees.

I'm preparing for a mini-presentation on 6 Traits for Intermediate Teachers in LaGrange, IL. There will be about 60 attendees.

I am planning to reference your website and share some of the examples of free lessons and resources.  I will absolutely keep all page citations intact.

Thank you for all of your work. What a wonderful resource!

E. Chin, Curriculum & Instruction


I stumbled across your website while trying to put together some ideas for a Writing Across the Curriculum workshop for our district. I am the RtI person for my elementary school, but I also do staff development for groups of elementary teachers in writing for our district.

May I share your website, and some of the materials offered for a handout?  All citations are printed on the papers. The inservice is scheduled for October, and I don't know how many will select my workshop from the "menu". I am thinking I will repeat the workshop throughout the year, so it may be around 60-75 teachers total.

I plan to purchase some of the materials you have offered on the website.

Thank you.

K. Clifford, Northeastern School District

While researching writing topics for future professional development workshops, I found the NNWP website and your interactive WritingFix website.
Many of your materials pull several ideas together in a user friendly manner for the writer, the teacher and the student.

I am requesting permission to use some of  your materials with our CAWP Fellows as well as with teachers who attend our seminars.  I am no longer in the classroom with middle school and high school students, yet I am in the classroom with teachers and administrators periodically.

We are also in the process of revising our Capital Area Writing Project website, so I have been impressed with the ease of finding materials at your site.

P. Donaldson, Co-Director of The Capital Area Writing Project

Minnesota & Missouri:

We are working with low performing schools in St. Paul MN and St. Louis, MO. We found some terrific materials on your website such as the summary frame and six-trait materials.

We wondered if we could use them with individual schools (we work with 26 schools in all) as needed for their specific improvement initiatives.

Thank you in advance.

J. Ihrig, Ph.D., Principal Consultant (McREL)


Thank you so much for granting permission to use the WritingFix resources.  I absolutely love them.  I will be sharing the resources with  group of 40 teachers  (grades 3-6) here in Winston, Oregon.  Additionally, I will be sharing resources with 40 K-2 teachers next month.  Again, the training will be in Winston, Oregon. 

S. McClelland, District Instructional Coach

New York:

I just wanted to commend you for your excellent site.  I will be relaying this on to 32 colleagues by using the weblinks from your site.  We are located in New York.  Anything printed will retain the proper citations. 

I wanted to let you know as you requested this information for your records.


K. Purnell, Supervisor of Assessment


I am a basic writing instructor at Northern Kentucky University and would like to use your resources with my college students.  In particular, I am searching for mini-lesson ideas for the college level “Writing Workshop” I will be teaching this fall.

D. Kelly, LAP Instructor


I use the wonderful information provided on your website in my classroom quite often.  During the 2009-2010 school year I will be providing teacher training in the use of the writer's workshop and the writing traits for elementary school teachers in Douglasville, Georgia.  There will be approximately 65 teachers in attendance for this training.  I would like to request permission to use some of the information provided on your website in my training.  I will, of course keep citations intact and reference the WritingFix website as necessary.

Thanks in advance for your response to this matter.

P. Poltzer, Georgia Teacher/Trainer


Writing Fix-

Hello, I am currently participating in The Maryland Writing Project. I am a fifth grade teacher at George Washington Carver Elementary School. For the writing project presentation, I did Trait Poetry. I found your website extremely helpful and was wondering if I could use some of your information and resources for future presentations. Thank you for all of your assistance in my research.

N. Sargent, Maryland Writing Project



Hi!  I live in the Dallas area and teach 6-8th gifted/PreAP students.  I have recently been asked to do a writing workshop for some teachers in the area.  I am expecting 50 participants in Ennis, Texas on July 29th.  I would love to show them your site and go through a couple of lessons with them.  I use your site all the time throughout the year (especially your left and right brained prompts)  and think others should too!  I will most definitely keep the contact information intact and include all of the site's information in my presentation.  Please let me know if I may use this during my presentation.

Thank you!

B. Grant, texas Teacher/Trainer



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