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We celebrate teachers who have created their own websites about teaching writing:

Always Write
(Grades K-12)

Start to Learn

(Primary Grades)

Making Mathematicians

(Grades K-12)

Learning is Messy

(Grades 4-6)

Write in the Middle

(Grades 6-8)

About WritingFix: Teacher Communities
encouraging teachers to share ideas and adaptations

It is because we brought groups of teachers together that WritingFix was created in the first place. During WritingFix-inspired workshops and inservice classes sponsored throughout Northern Nevada, we asked teachers to share, to adapt, and to voice their ideas and adaptations. We've built a live community of teachers here In Nevada, and that community inspired this page's growth and development as part of our WritingFix website.

Way back in 2006, we began creating ways for teachers outside of Northern Nevada to contribute to our community. Inspired by Derek M. Powazek's Design for Community, we created a variety of ways to invite teachers from all corners of the globe to share how they're using the lessons and resources here at the WritingFix website.

On this page at WritingFix, you can gain access to the communities we have built or are building. We hope you're inspired to share with us...and with the global community that now uses WritingFix.

If you have an idea for a new community for teachers we might sponsor, please send it to us at webmaster@writingfix.com.

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Since 2007: The Writing Lesson of the Month Network

Since 2008: The Mentor Text of the Year Network

At WritingFix, we host hundreds of lessons and resources that are free to use. A common complaint from teachers about the website always makes us smile: "There's too much to be able to look at everything!"

We agree, and in January of 2007, we began a new program: the Writing Lesson of the Month Network to help teachers quickly find some of the best our website has to offer. On the first day of every month, a high-quality lesson link is e-mailed to all teachers in the network. It's free, and we know from talking to teachers who are members of this network that the lessons we send are inspirational. Sign up today and start receiving lesson links on the first day of the next month.

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In 2008, WritingFix launched a new anyone-from-anywhere-can-participate community that was based on Roni Schotter's excellent picture book Nothing Ever Happens On 90th Street. Throughout that school year, teachers were invtied to share ways they used this book to inspire their student writers using this book. The best of those ideas were posted at our Mentor Text of the Year Homepage.

For the 2009-2010 school year, we have chosen a different book to serve as our Mentor Text of the Year: How to Write Your Life Story by Ralph Fletcher. If you wish to participate in this network, get a copy of this wonderful mentor text, us its ideas with your students, and share how it has inspired you at our Mentor Text of the Year Homepage.

Since 2006: Sharing Lesson Adaptations

Since 2006: Publishing Students Inspired by WritingFix

Each complete lesson at WritingFix comes with a link two blogs: one for student writers and one for teachers who have used the lesson. By visiting the teacher blog, you can share any adaptations you made to the lessons. Look in each lesson's left-hand column for the link to each individual lesson's blog page at EduBlogs.

This is a completely safe-to-use blog. Comments are only posted once the have been approved by the WritingFix webmaster.

We love it when teachers share samples from their student writers. It's our best indicator that teachers are using the lessons and resources we have provided here.

We are currently accepting student writing samples from any teacher who uses lessons at the WritingFix website. To learn how to submit student samples, please visit our Publishing Students Information Page.

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