Samples from the Book's CD...

I thought the first edition of this book was pretty much perfect. Then they came out with the Deluxe Teacher's Edition, which contained a CD of accompanying material, and I had to admit that I'd been wrong; the CD addition made the book even more perfect...or "perfecter" as I like to joke with my friends who appreciate grammar like I do.

The CD contains different materials that complement the book. These materials come in many forms. Here is a sampling of the types of bonuses featured on the CD.

PowerPoint versions of the book's grammar lessons:

Printable versions of the book's grammar exercises:

  • Chapter 4, Exercise 1 -- after learning from the PowerPoint, you can print this exercise for them to complete; chapter 4 actually has five different exercises that go along with the PowerPoint I have posted above.

Chapter-specific stationary and posters:

  • Chapter 14 Stationary -- each chapter comes with its own "stationary," where students can write to exercises or compose grammar-inspired sentences.
  • Chapter 14 Poster -- each chapter comes with several "poster" versions of the cartoons/sentences designed to teach the chapter's concepts. Here is just one of eight posters that comes with chapter 14.

Bonus materials...writing advice posters:

  • Pointer Poster #4 -- The CD comes with nine posters that aren't in the book. These posters combine a grammar rule with a solid tip for improved writing. Here is the fourth poster from the collection.




Cathy Campbell's The Giggly Guide to Grammar

Barry Lane says, "There isn't enough fun in education." I agree, and so does author Cathy Campbell. Her book, The Giggly Guide to Grammar, takes daily language drills to a new level. Her technique is simple: teach useful grammar with both a sense of humor and through humorous cartoons and pictures. The lessons found in this book contain wonderful exercises that will make your students smile, then laugh out loud, and ultimately learn.

Humor is too often missing from our classrooms. When students are asked to think about content with their funny bones, they are being asked to process information with a deeper part of their brains.

Cathy's book is an excellent resource to add to your classroom bookshelf. The new edition contains a CD-ROM with loads of bonus materials. At this website, with Barry and Cathy's permission, I have posted materials from the book that might convince you that you need to have your own complete copy.


Barry Lane's 51 Wacky We-Search Reports

I teach variety of inservice classes for teachers in my area. One of my favorite topics to design a class around in Writing Across the Curriculum.

A lot of teachers I work with, especially secondary teachers, avoid assigning writing in those content areas that aren't English or language arts. Many of those teachers just don't feel they can teach writing well.

51 Wacky We-Search Reports is the best book I have ever found for showing all teachers--no matter what content they teach--that writing assignments can be both fun and beneficial. Like no other book, this little gem will do two things: 1) inspire even the most resistant writing teacher and 2) show students how to put research into their own words.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite book on my classroom bookshelf to show other teachers! At the WritingFix website, they've posted resources for one of their teacher workshops inspired by Barry's 51 Wacky We-Search Reports. Click here to access that specific page of resources.


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