What If...

...Shel Silverstein had co-authored a book with Strunk & White? I believe the result would be Cathy Campbell's The Giggly Guide to Grammar, which is published by Barry Lane's Discover Writing Press.

My name is Corbett Harrison, and I first met Barry Lane back in 1997 when he presented some unique revision strategies to an auditorium of teachers. I was inspired and returned to my classroom with an energy I had never felt before. Every technique Barry challenged me to try worked, and my students finally began understanding what it means to thoughtfully revise writing.

Since then, I have been one off Barry's biggest fans. I purchase every new book he comes out with, and I proudly own every resource he published through his Discover Writing Press.

Last year, Barry asked if I would create a website to celebrate one of my new favorite books from his press: The Giggly Guide to Grammar. I was delighted to do so. I believe there needs to be more books like this one on all teachers' bookshelves.

I hope you are as inspired by what I have posted at this website as I was when I began using this book.

From the Book...

278 pages of delightful material! That's what you get if you purchase this great book. By clicking here, you can access a few of my favorite exercises to use with my students. By clicking here, you can access several of the cartoons from the book.



Cathy Campbell's The Giggly Guide to Grammar

"The Giggly Guide to Grammar is an excellent grammar resource for any classroom. Cathy Campbell pairs grammar rules with hilarious cartoons and examples. I often use snippets from different chapters to engage my students in grammar study. My students remember her funny cartoons and examples long after my mini-lesson is finished. But this grammar resource is not just fluff and laughs. Cathy Campbell writes in such a way, that I actually understand grammar concepts better than I had. I love the way she applies the grammar to writing narratives with her Writing Pointer throughout the book. Cathy hasn't forgotten that learning should be fun and that grammar should be applied beyond a workbook to actual writing. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Thank you, Cathy!"

Aimee E. Buckner, author of Notebook Knowhow: Strategies for the Writer's Notebook

From the CD...

The Deluxe Teacher's Edition of the book is a must-have, as it features a CD that contains PDF files, JPG files, and PowerPoint slides of materials in the book. There are also bonus materials (posters and stationary) that aren't in the book. Click here to access some of the CD's materials.

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