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A Mini-Workshop:
Building a Setting

This step-by-step mini-workshop was proposed by Northern Nevada teacher Joyce Sargent while attending a teacher in-service sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

The setting of a story shows the reader where and when a story takes place.  A setting can be a place (like a barn or a city), a time (like midnight or the Roaring 20's), or an event (like a county fair).  In well-written stories, the setting is just as important as the characters or the plot...and writers should work hard to use sharp and descriptive details when building a setting on a piece of paper.

Ready to try building one?  Get some scratch paper and sharpen your pencil.  Press the button below when you're ready for your first instruction.

If you accidentally hit the button and go past a step, click on your mouse's right button and choose undo to go back a step.

Step-by-Step Workshop Directions:





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