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A Mini-Workshop:
"Ouch! That Hurt!"

This step-by-step mini-workshop was proposed by Northern Nevada teacher Cindy Reynolds while attending a teacher in-service sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

Have you ever been hurt and needed a Band-Aid or just a hug?  Did you fall off a bike or fence or horse, or did you try to fly...only to find the landing left you a little wounded?  Let's see how well you remember your own experience.  Have some paper and a pencil or pen? 

Click the button below and try to remember the details of a time when you got hurt. Don't click the button again until you are prompted to do so.

If you accidentally hit the button and go past a step, click on your mouse's right button and choose undo to go back a step.

Step-by-Step Workshop Directions:




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