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A Mini-Workshop:
People You SHOULD Have Written about by Now!

This step-by-step mini-workshop was proposed by Northern Nevada teacher Diana Michaels while attending a teacher in-service sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

Everyone has important people in their lives who are important to them, but most have never taken the time to write about those people.  Interesting pieces of writing often comes from searching for these "forgotten" people in one's memory, then discovering what writing those memories inspire from your pen or pencil.

Want to try?  Get some scratch paper and sharpen your pencil.  You'll also need a timer--yes, a timer; avoid breaking your thought-train by using a clock, if at all possible.

If you accidentally hit the button and go past a step, click on your mouse's right button and choose undo to go back a step.

Step-by-Step Workshop Directions:



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