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A Mini-Workshop:
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Elementary Student Sample:

The Lake
by Jeffrey, 5th grade writer

The splashes flew through the air with deep blue water behind them.  There’s me with a black life jacket and orange swim trunks on, holding onto a black handle. Our bright yellow kneeboard glides on top of the water, and a small cave with red sand stone in it sits there. A swift speedboat has a red rope attached to the back of the boat. The wake rolls behind the speedboat.

Middle School Student Example:

Sasha and Simba
by Alysse, 7th grade writer

My mom has lots of beautiful and elegant flowers in her garden; they are purple, magenta, white and many more colors.  My youngest dog, Sasha, likes to hear, see, taste, and smell everything in my Mom's garden.  Her whole face shows her emotions and comforts me too.  Simba, my other and older Bernese, is just as comforting.  Simba is a lot more mellow and gentler than Sahsa.  Both of them together, romping around in the flowers, makes an awesome picture.  With their black fur with white and tan markings, it's just...WOW!

High School Student Example:

by Kevin, 9th grade writer

Around Lake Lahanton, many people like to surf or windsurf.  My friend John and I are doing just that.  When we ran fast into the freezing water, it felt good.

At the first zoom out, you see a little bit of the white surfboard.  Then you start to see the pitch-black straps of the surfboard.  After that, you see the whole board and part of John’s hands.  With the fourth zoom out, you can see my friend John and me.  Last of all, you can see the white surfboard, black wet suits, John and me, beautiful blue Lake Lahanton, and the rocky mountains behind it.

Altogether, Lake Lahanton is an incredible lake.


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