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Rather Unlikely Employment Resumés

This writing prompt generator was inspired by Nevada teacher Kristi Amundson, whose work is featured in many publications from the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

Challenge yourself by devoting a page in your journal or your writer's notebook to a personal study of a resumé's structure.  Don't write the types of resumés you'd really create to get a job.  Oh no....instead, write resumés for things in your personal life...things that would never really apply for a job....but wouldn't it be fun if they could.

First, spend some time looking at the structure and writing style (voice) of a resumé.  If you have access to some example resumés, they are great fun to flip through and mimic.  If not, seek out a resumé site on-line, like this one: resumé sample.

Title a page in your journal or your writer's notebook Unlikely Resumé.

Create an unlikely resumé for a specific thing in your life.  What in your life might need to apply for another job some day...maybe when you are done with it?  Your car?  Your bed?  Your pet?  Your house?  Your bike?  Press the button below to get a few ideas, if you really can't think of any.

Do your best to make your writing really sound like the type of writing you'd find in a real resumé...even though what you're writing about wouldn't actually be sent to a potential employer.

Unlikely Resumé Ideas:





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