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Extreme Alliteration:
Tongue Twister Starters

This interactive WritingFix page was designed by Northern Nevada middle school teacher Barbara Davis at a Northern Nevada Writing Project inservice class.  Mrs. Davis's eighth graders helped create the interactive button choices below.

Writer Instructions:

Challenge yourself by devoting a page in your journal or your writer's notebook to personal tongue twisters.

Do you love to watch others stumble and bumble as they try to read something you've written?  If so, this writing prompt is for you.

Use the words below at the beginning, middle or end of a BIGGER tongue twister you create. Don't just make just a line of alliteration; make a line of alliteration that's really challenging to say without stumbling.

If your class wants to make some original tongue-twister starters to add to the generator below, please send them to

Tongue Twister Sparks:



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