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Complex Pirate Sentences

This great sentence generator was created by Nevada educator Tawnya Gregory during an inservice class for teachers sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

Before writing to this prompt, you should check out Melinda Long's awesome picture book, How I Became a Pirate. Its use of complex sentences might be inspirational. For fun, listen to the story for complex sentences, which are sentences that have more than one subject and predicate. Share your favorite complex sentence with a friend.

Our Great Sentence Creator Game is simple. Press the buttons below until you create a sentence that you really like, one that you think no one else in your class has chosen before.

Then, you must use the sentence you've created in a piece of descriptive writing or a longer story. Use your sentence as your writing's first sentence. Use it as your last sentence. Or "hide" it somewhere in the middle.

Here is the fun part: When you're done writing, have a friend read your description or your story, and see if they can correctly identify the original sentence that you made while on this page at WritingFix. What sort of things can you do with the rest of your story that makes your friend have to look harder to find your original sentence?

Great Sentence Maker :





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