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This interactive writing idea generator was inspired by Northern Nevada teacher Trisha Shaffer at an in-service sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

Consider devoting a page in your journal or your Writer's Notebook to favorite plot ideas you create with the generator below. Save good ideas for lots of plots, and then write the whole story some day!

A plot has characters, setting, and a conflict that is acted out through several events.  A basic number of events to write into a story with plot is three.  When you write about each event, you show good organization by giving each of the events an equal amount of words and paragraphs.

Press the four buttons below.  Write down the best sentence that you are given.  Then think about what THREE or FOUR events would happen right before the one sentence you wrote down.   Write the three or four events down.

Then, write a story that leads up to the situation in the one sentence you wrote down.  As your story gets written, be sure each of your three or four plot events are as interesting and detailed as the event that came right before it.  Don't rush through one event.  And don't spend too much time on one event.  Make the events in your story equally interesting.

Can you write an entire story from this plot idea?




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