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Dialogue Scenes
(mastering dialogue punctuation)

This writing prompt generator was proposed by Nevada teacher Marie Affinito while attending a teacher in-service sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

If you like this writing prompt, devote a page in your journal or your Writer's Notebook to saving some favorite ideas for scenes of dialogue. Come back to the page and turn your favorite ideas into complete stories.

Find two characters and a setting by pressing the buttons below, and then write the dialogue that might take place between these two characters in that location. Consider the word choices your characters might use. You can simply write the dialogue, or you might want to turn this into a more complete story by beginning with a description of the characters or setting, or perhaps by beginning with the personal thoughts of one of your characters. Have fun!

Hey...if you need to review the rules of punctuating dialogue, click here, or you can use the handout in the Teacher Resource area below.

Create a scene for this story idea, using dialogue that is punctuated correctly:






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