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Serendipitous Dueling Audiences

This writing prompt generator was proposed by Nevada teacher Lisa Tilzey while attending a teacher in-service sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project. Lisa explains, "Writers will be given two different audience possibilities when they push the first button below.  They will then be asked to write two different paragraphs (one for each audience) on the same topic."

Writer Instructions:

AUDIENCE in writing is who will be reading what you've written and revised.  When you press the first button below, you will be given two different AUDIENCES from our random list.  When you press the second button, you will be given a random topic to write about.

Your writing task:  Write two paragraphs or two letters--one to each of your audiences--on the topic you choose.

How do you write differently about the same topic when your AUDIENCE changes?  Think about your writer's voice as you take on this challenge.

Press the buttons below to get your
dueling audiences and topic:



Your 2 audiences:  


Your 1 topic:


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