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Personification for Poems

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If your students write using this prompt, and you want to send us a powerful example, we'll consider publishing it on this page. Help us celebrate one of your student writers while inspiring other writers from around the world who use this prompt. Contact us at publish@writingfix.com if you are interested.

Elementary Student Examples:


The fluffy cloud daydreamed of a soaring eagle.
The shiny star winked at the blooming blossom.
The clear ocean whispered to the spring sun.

by Samantha, fourth grade poet




Our Earth

The river cried when it fell from the cliff.
The ocean yelled when it hit the shore.
The wind whistled loud in the air.

by Troy, fourth grade poet





The cold river thought about a warm spring.
The fierce wind stumbled over the flowers that just bloomed.
The snowy mountains whispered, "It's not winter anymore."

by Elizabeth, fourth grade poet


(Click here to view and print these three fourth graders' poems.)



I look at the ocean
and the reflection of the sun
calls me into the deep
waiting with danger all around
with sharks, squids, and octopi
waiting for the ship to sail
waiting for someone to dive in
knowing the dangers
lowing the cage
submerging himself until
everything comes to life.

by Jonathon, sixth grade poet

Middle School Student Examples:

The piano argued
As the music grumbled
And the trumpet sighed.
While the guitar whispered,
The drums mumbled.
Then the horn echoed,
And the crowd cheered.

by Sarah A., seventh grader

High School Student Example:

Contact us at publish@writingfix.com if you have a high quality student sample to share with us. If you can help us obtain a digital photo of the student writer and a signed permission slip from the student's parents, we will send you a free resource for your classroom.


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