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Persuasive Tones

This writing prompt generator was proposed by Nevada teacher Diana Arnold while attending a teacher in-service sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project. Diana says, " Kids like to beg, right?  Well, here is a chance to show their persuasive skills in a creative writing assignment.  Remind students of times they begged for something.  What kind of language did they use?  What were their reasons for begging?  What did they hope to get in the end?"

Writer Instructions:

Have you ever wanted something VERY badly from your parents?  How did you go about getting it?  Did you beg...or did you try to convince them using intelligent reasons?

Here's your chance to practice smart persuasion.  When writing to the topic below, use a catchy introduction sentence.  Then, use smart-sounding reasons with a smart-sounding voice; try to use FACTS as well as FEELINGS when coming up with your reasons.  Choose your words carefully!

Can you explain the crazy relationship between two random elements, using great transitions?


Convince    to    .



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