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Who/What/When/Where: Circus Theme

This who/what/when/where game was designed by Nevada teachers Rose Healion and Sharon Berry during an inservice class for teachers sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

Writer Instructions:

Before writing to this prompt, you should check out Dr. Seuss's fun picture book, If I Ran the Circus. Its use of when and where adverbial phrases might just be inspirational. For fun, listen to the story for adverbs. Share your favorite words and phrases with a friend.

The Who/What?When/Where Game is simple. Make sure you push each button below once to make one complete sentence.  Keep pressing buttons until you find a sentence you REALLY like.  Then...can you move the when and the where to places in your sentence where they sound more interesting?

After you have re-shaped your sentence, can you write a story or description that contains that sentence?  Could it be your first sentence?  Or your last sentence?  Or a sentence in the middle of your story?

And here's a cool idea!  As you write, try to establish sentence rhythm by going back and forth between longer and shorter sentences.

Here is the fun part: When you're done writing, have a friend read your description or your story, and see if they can correctly identify the original sentence that you made while on this page at WritingFix. What sort of things can you do with the rest of your story that makes your friend have to look harder to find your original sentence?

Who/What/When/Where Sentences:




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