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Submission Guidelines
sharing among teachers is how this website grows

WritingFix was created by teachers who learned to teach writing because other generous educators shared resources with them. Each year, dozens and dozens of new resources are added to the WritingFix website by our favorite kind of teacher: the sharer.

If you're interested in sharing a resource with us, we're interested in publishing it here, and we're interested in sending you something for becoming a sharer.

Please read the submission guidelines below carefully before contacting any of our website's page hosts.

We're glad you're here. We're glad you use WritingFix. We look forward to seeing what you share with us.

What can be submitted to WritingFix:

What we'll send if we post your submission:

  1. Materials must be teacher-made and original. We cannot post pages from copyrighted workbooks or purchased teacher materials. We all know there is very little in education that is truly original; adaptations are what drive us to become better teachers. If you've adapted an idea that was inspired by another educator, you can certainly share it, but we ask you to cite your inspiration.
  2. Resources must be sent to us electronically. We can accept Microsoft Word files, PDF files, and RTF files. We can also accept any type of image file (jpg, tif, gif, etc.)
  3. When we accept and post your resource, we will post a small picture of you next to the link, and we will indicate what state or country you teach in. You will need to send us a digital photo of yourself.
  4. Send your resource to the page host listed on the page where you believe you have an original resource to share.
In 2007, we stopped printing our very popular Elementary and Secondary Writing Guides because of the rising cost of paper. In our warehouse, we have just 100 copies of each guide left. Sharing a resource for us to post at WritingFix is the only way to obtain a copy of these excellent print resources.



Pages currently seeking submissions:


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